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The Way We Gift Matters

The Way We Gift Matters

I can’t believe it’s already time to think about holiday gifts! Living through almost two years in a pandemic has changed literally everything - from what we do on a daily basis to what we think about as parents. Since I now wear multiple hats (pediatrician, mom and now business owner) the way I think about my holiday shopping is shaped by my experiences in those roles. This year, I am committing to deeper reasons and intentions behind my purchase behavior. The little things we do every day matter - for our children and our planet. And as we enter the holiday season, I wanted to highlight why and how the way we gift matters.

Christmas cookies and letters to Santa

My pediatrician hat: 

  • Children’s health: Chemicals in plastic can actually affect your child’s hormones, growth, and development - the American Academy of Pediatrics, The Endocrine Society and The World Health Organization have all raised the red flags warning about the seriousness and magnitude of this problem. I prefer choosing gifts that have high safety standards and seals of certification from organizations like Made Safe, EWG and JPMA for example. 
  • The power of play: Simple play and imagination helps to build thriving brains, bodies, and social bonds - so simple wooden blocks and a parent to play with are just what the doctor ordered! I prefer not having the bright flashing lights with loud sounds blaring from toys to fill up our playroom so that children can use their innate skills and curiosity with simple and/or educational toys/games instead. KiwiCo is one of my all time favorite brands for this reason - learn through play!

My small business owner hat: 

  • Supply chain trouble: With COVID related labor shortages, significant international shipping delays and increasing prices from low supply of raw goods - I know that this year I want to think outside of the box (of toys) for practical purposes: I need it to physically be here so I can wrap it!
  • Commitment to safe products and fair treatment: As a founder of a brand that cares immensely about the quality and safety of our products, manufacturing process and our people on our team I have been fortunate to meet other founders of brands that strive for those same goals. I have committed to support those brands who are doing more than selling a product - but rather trying to make the world a better place. 

My mom hat: 

  • Kid approved: I want children to love the gifts we are giving. When kids are excited about them, they are less likely to end up in the corner pile of the playroom. 
  • Better for Mother Earth: I know that it’s my job to take care of the planet I will leave behind for my children and generations of children after them. Did you know that less than 10% of plastic is actually recycled? Whether it’s a plastic toy or gift packaged in plastic it most likely will end up in a landfill. I’m being intentional about what I buy this year so that what’s left behind after that unwrapping session … doesn’t harm the planet (or at least as minimal as possible to be more realistic). 

Sharing is caring, Kid Approved Dishes

  Family time, mom and kid approved dishes


Of course, I think Ahimsa makes a perfect gift. But I didn’t always know this … when I set out to create a product I did it for the health of children and the planet. I had no idea how much kids would LOVE the products. It is the greatest return on my investment of time, money and sweat I have put into Ahimsa … the satisfaction of children being obsessed with their dishes and eating healthier because of their “wainbow or meeror” (common names assigned to Ahimsa by kids) dishes. Now that is a big win for me as a physician, mom and small business owner!

So, yes that’s right.  You heard it here first. Dishes make AMAZING gifts. Who knew kids could love dinnerware so much? Then again, who doesn’t love to eat from a rainbow? 

We are the leading choice among Physician Parents for their own children. A safe non-toxic product that entertains children at the dining table (and encourages them to eat their veggies too). Plus, parents are saying they’re the coolest dishes on the block. 

So consider us for your holiday gifting this year but most importantly - consider the above points to drive your more intentional purchasing this year. I invite you to be a more conscious consumer and support brands who are trying to create a better future for all children (and of course, offer a winning product that gets kids excited!).  

Healthy, safe mealtime options

Gift safe. Gift smart. Gift sustainable. 
Gift Ahimsa steel this holiday season. 

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