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2021- Ahimsa's Year in Review

Founder with Sustainable School Trays

As a new entrepreneur, I had no idea what this journey would be like - all I knew was that it was a journey worth taking because it involved solving a significant problem that faced children’s health.

This year has brought so many amazing things for our small business with a BIG mission. From prestigious awards and lists like The Good Housekeeping Parenting Award and The Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneurs to publications in major press outlets like The Today ShowParents Magazine, Oprah and Real Simple - I am truly humbled and honored to have received such love for our products and our purpose. From famous celebrities and renowned scientists to everyday families like mine - people express their love for Ahimsa routinely. Above all, knowing that children love our products is what gives me as a founder, the most fulfillment and joy. 
Forbes Next 1000
Today Show Products
Parenting Good Housekeeping
Parents Magazine
Our biggest achievement this year has been launching a cafeteria line for schools. My passion has always been to change the bigger system and make a real impact for all children across the country. We launched our stainless steel trays in a pilot school in Indianapolis, the home base for Ahimsa. The response from the staff, parents, and most importantly, children was unbelievable. They loved having safe sustainable materials in their lunchroom and the younger students loved being able to see their reflection in their tray! 
Sustainable Lunch Trays
Our team is growing and I could not prouder of each member of Ahimsa. Every single day they work hard for our mission: to keep our kids and our planet healthy. It what drives us - we don’t consider Ahimsa a job or a business but rather a purpose and opportunity to change the world for our own kids and kids across the globe. We always end each meeting by saying “do it for the kids!”
Team Picture
Ahimsa Chief Operating Officer Johanna Mooney and Webmaster Kristin Westfall.
Group Picture Hardworking Team
Kristin (Webmaster), Robin (Finance), Johanna (COO), Manasa (Founder), Whitney (Customer Service), Mark (Operations) 
We’ve partnered with a local female founded fulfillment center right here in Indianapolis and working with local businesses across the city to help us achieve our mission while staying true to our hometown roots. We are happy to say goodbye to packing boxes ourselves! 
Team work makes the dream work
Supply Chain: Fulfillment Center
We’re growing up - Langham Logistics now will ship products to you! 
Our newest partners are The Harmon Brothers - the marketing geniuses behind Purple Mattress, Squatty Potty and Lume Deodorant. I’m pinching myself that this team of successful, hilarious and unbelievably kind people are here to help us spread Ahimsa’s message! 
And of course, near and dear to my heart is our commitment to the health of all children … no matter their zip code. We continue to partner with The Patachou Foundation - a local Indianapolis organization that serves healthy meals to children facing food insecurity. While getting plastic off the table is important, we realize that getting healthy food on the table is more of a priority for many families. As a pediatrician I have seen this first hand and remain committed to using Ahimsa’a success to always give back to those without opportunities and resources they deserve. This year we helped the foundation serve more than 60,000 meals to local Indianapolis kids! 
Keeping Kids Healthy
As a small business owner, pediatrician and mom - thank you for the most amazing year in our effort to keeping our kids healthy at the dining table. None of this is possible without YOU - our Ahimsa family. May 2022 bring each of you happiness, health and endless smiles at mealtime and beyond … cheers to the kids! 
With love and Ahimsa,
 Dr. M

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