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Why stainless steel?

It’s the ONLY kid-friendly material recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Mindful Features

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free utensil set with mealtime set purchase
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So much better than silicone.

Have you ever noticed that gross, soapy taste when you eat or drink off of silicone? Stainless steel is inert, which means no bacteria will be left behind. That means no soapy taste or weird smells.

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How 'bout those colors?!

Our colorful products are coated with titanium in a process called Physical Vapor Deposition. The titanium coating is the same kind of titanium that is used in medical enough to go inside the body, so safe enough to serve meals on!

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Highly recommend

My only regret is that I didn't find these sooner!!


Beautifully practical

These things are amazing, durable, easy to clean and beautiful to look at. We have done away with all our plastic and have switched to stainless.


Very happy with this set

After tasting food from my son’s silicon plates I threw them all out and bought him this set from ahimsa. It was definitely much more pricy but they are worth every penny!


12 days ago

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Doctor Designed

Pediatrician and mom Manasa Mantravadi started Ahimsa to advocate for children's health. Read her story.

Forms Healthy Habits

Our products support positive mealtime choices like age-appropriate portions. Check out our Mealtime Guides.

Good For Our Planet

Our stainless steel approach means that we're not contributing to landfill waste, ocean pollution or toxic run-off. Learn more.

Every Sale Gives Back

With each purchase, we're removing plastic from school cafeterias, providing stainless steel dishes to kids who need it the most.

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