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  • Sam on

    My 10 year old is the pickiest eater! I like the novel recommendations and I’m going to give this another try

  • Jeremy on

    I’m a single dad feeling overwhelmed about not knowing everything I should. I found this so helpful and wanted to just say thank you for sharing this!

  • Lara on

    Okay I love this. Honestly I am really good about looking at nutrition labels for what I eat, but I am not as diligent for my kids. I tend to choose “fast and easy” but that doesn’t mean that’s what they NEED. Kids need those vital nutrition too that is simple but powerful. Food is medicine. I will remember this next time I go to grab the cheap easy foods for them. Thank you for this!

  • Josh on

    This is great! So helpful and insightful.

  • Kirsten on

    This was so informative! I love how simple and straightforward the tips are. Super helpful!

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