Hello there!
I’m Dr. Manasa Mantravadi. 

I started Ahimsa for one simple reason: I saw an opportunity to advocate for children’s health – on a national scale.  

When I learned that the majority of kids’ dishware on the market was likely to pose health risks, and that steel was the only practical, science-backed choice, I knew it was time to do something. And quickly.  

Tapping back into my childhood in India and my memories of happily eating from stainless steel, I went to work crafting a modern set of dishes that were eye-catching and playful, modularly designed for smart portioning, and lovable and enduring for a lifetime. That’s how this pediatrician became an entrepreneur.   

And how this aha moment became Ahimsa! It’s my love letter to children (including my three little ones),  to families everywhere, and to the planet we all call home.

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Dr. Mantravadi is a South Asian American board-certified pediatrician and medical expert in evidence-based family mealtime. She specializes in the prevention and treatment of diseases through lifestyle changes around the family dining table.