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First time use: Hand wash your new dinnerware thoroughly in hot water using a mild dish soap and a soft sponge. Rinse with water. Dry with a soft cloth.

Everyday use: The best way to preserve your Ahimsa® dinnerware is to wash it by hand with a mild dish soap, soft sponge and hot water soon after use. Thoroughly dry it with a soft cloth. However, our products are dishwasher safe! If needed, use a soft cloth to buff out any spots left by the minerals in the water.

Special Instructions: We use food grade 304 18/8 material to produce our products, but please remember that it is called stainless steel, not stain proof steel! To keep your Ahimsa products looking their best – we recommend:

  • avoiding heavy-duty cleaning products containing bleach or citrus (preferably phosphate level below 3% and avoiding sodium)
  • avoiding prolonged contact with acidic foods and drinks using a low temperature or eco-friendly program cycle on your dishwasher
  • avoiding soaking products in water for long periods of time
  • avoiding compact dishwasher detergent, such as pods or “powerballs” - these products tend to be harsher and more difficult to dissolve
  • using a hardwater dishwasher booster if you have hardwater or high mineral buildup in your dishwasher
  • avoiding the heated drying cycle in the dishwasher; open the door to allow air dry after the wash cycle is complete


While dishwasher safe, we still recommend cleaning Ahimsa products with mild soap and hot water


Stainless steel is NOT microwave safe

Please note

If you happen to see any rust, you can simply dampen the affected area and use a soft sponge to clean with a stainless steel cleaner or baking soda

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I’ve wanted to switch to stainless steel for sometime especially after the AAP warned parents to do away with plastic in the kitchen for kids’ health. We also are trying to live a greener lifestyle. When I first saw these I fell in love. My boys were so excited to get the blue iridescent! They are timeless because they work for my one yr old and I can see them lasting many, many years as they don’t look like they are meant for any specific age. Other stainless steel kids’ dinnerware doesn’t touch these. Love that they are dishwasher safe. The customer service is wonderful too for this company too! A great investment for our children!

Perfect gift!

I gifted this to a friend for her baby shower , and she absolutely loves it! I Love that the products are safe for our children and also the environment. Not to mention, so pretty! My new go-to gift!

My kids have outgrown their partitioned plates, I wish these were around 5 years ago! I want to order some sets anyway just for snacks!

Thank you for the kind review, Kristin! We are so thrilled you've chosen Ahimsa for your gifts!!! Although the USDA recommends a healthy variety of foods at any age (which our modular system promotes) we are hearing some requests for non-compartment plates. We are listening and have something up our sleeves for those who prefer non compartments! Please keep your feedback coming - we love hearing what customers want whether its new products or colors! Happy, healthy eating! Manasa
So fun!

Love these bowls! Great quality and they are the first bowls I reach for when making a snack for my son. And even myself! Highly recommend!


Our kiddos were so excited about their Valentine's day gifts❤ not only are they easy to clean, functional, and better for all, but my daughter says "they are so pretty"!!! We have always been super strict about what our kiddos eat, but not so much with what they are eating the healthy food on. We are thrilled with our purchase and can not wait to use the nesting spoon with our youngest. We will be purchasing many more in the future.


These are perfect and exactly as described! My kids are so excited to help get meals ready and to eat :)