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Looking for 2021 Resolutions?

Save space at home and in landfills with your durable and lasting Ahimsa dinnerware.

Kids can set the table and help with dishes - our products won't break and are dishwasher safe.

Our engaging, modular system sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Pediatrician designed.

In 2018 the AAP published that chemicals in plastic can interfere with a child’s hormones, growth and development. Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, mom to 3 young children and an Indian immigrant who grew up using stainless steel at the dining table – saw that there were limited safe, practical dinnerware options for parents. And so, Ahimsa was born - a perfect mix of her love for children, background in medicine and Indian heritage.

Our Story

Shoutouts from Rachael Ray and Jessica Alba!

“I’m a fan of anything that helps kids learn about reducing plastic from a young age. And how cute are these reusable rainbow Ahimsa dish sets for kids? They’re specially made for smaller hands and won’t dent or chip during messy mealtimes.” - Rachael Ray

*Ahimsa featured in the Summer 2020 issue of
Rachael Ray In Season

Mother Earth's Favorite Dinnerware

No toxic runoff generated from our coloring process.
Microplastic-free packaging, 100% recyclable.
Rinses easily, limiting water use.
Durable and eco-friendly.