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Ahimsa means avoiding harm and universal love

Guided by this underlying love in all that we do, our mission is simple:

  • High Quality 304 18/8 Stainless Steel


    Our high-quality, food-grade 304 18/8 colorful stainless steel is free of BPA (& all bisphenols), PVC, phthalates, melamine and lead.

  • Plastic-free products and packaging


    Our pediatricians provide tips and simple tools for healthy eating and your child’s overall well-being.

  • Easy to clean and easy to plate healthy meals


    We strive to protect our planet, fight childhood food-insecurity and promote policy that protects human health.

Pediatrician designed

In 2018 the AAP published that chemicals in plastic can interfere with a child’s hormones, growth and brain development. Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, mom to 3 young children, member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health and an Indian immigrant who grew up using stainless steel at the dining table – saw that there were limited safe, practical dinnerware options for parents. And so, Ahimsa was born - a perfect mix of her love for children, background in medicine and Indian heritage.

Our Story

These aren't your average dishes

Our products are more than just dinnerware. They are tools to create a lifetime of healthy habits. Our modular designs serve as a map for creating healthy balanced meals. Follow along our simple mealtime guides created by pediatricians.

Mealtime Guide

Our coloring process is unique–and safe

Our colorful products are coated with titanium in a process that does NOT produce toxic run-off into the environment. Titanium, like stainless steel meets the recommendation for
food-safe materials because it is inert—it won’t
leach into your food.

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Steeling hearts...

From Rachael Ray to Jessica Alba, people are falling in love with our products and mission