pediatricians recommend steel as a healthier choice

Steel v. Plastic

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)—a group of 67,000 pediatricians—says that harmful chemicals found in plastic interfere with children's hormones, growth and brain development. Stainless steel rules for kids' health—no chemicals transfer into food, just pure, clean eats.




A global plastic threat

According to the Endocrine Society, "Plastics contain and leach hazardous chemicals, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that threaten human health."

According to the UN, "The impacts of plastic production and pollution on the triple planetary crisis of climate change, nature loss and pollution are a catastrophe in the making."

In the UK, polluting single-use plastics will be banned. These include: single-use plastic plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers.

Is your child eating plastic?

Watch this social experiment, and find out how you can limit plastic to make our kids and planet healthier.

Steel v. Silicone

Silicone makes food taste soapy and holds on to yucky odors. Stainless steel keeps mealtime true. No taste changes, no lingering odors—just your food, as it should be.




Steel v. Glass

Glass is the only other material recommended by the AAP. But stainless steel is the only unbreakable champion for toddlers challenging gravity!




The evidence is clear—steel wins!

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