Ahimsa Creator Licensing


We are so excited you are here. To connect with Ahimsa on Meta (Facebook & Instagram), you will need a Facebook Business Manager account and Facebook Page linked together. Once this is set up, we will send you a request to connect our accounts. Ahimsa will only request access to the ads and analytics on your account and will not be able to see anything else.

Choose your need:

Yes! I have a Facebook Business Account, but I don’t know what my Business Account ID is.

How to locate your Facebook Business account ID

I do not have a Facebook Business Account; help me get started! 

How to set up a Facebook Business account


We will need this information from you: 

  1. Your Facebook Business Account ID (Create or find this using instructions above)
  2. Your email address 
  3. Your Facebook page URL (Where to find your Facebook page URL)

Now, let’s get set up! 

We’re all set!