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Ahimsa – a perfect mix of Dr. Mantravadi's love for children, background in medicine and Indian heritage.

Ahimsa aims to get plastic OFF the table but knows it's more important to get healthy food ON the table.

Environmental & medical experts following the latest science & promoting policy to protect human health and our planet.

In the news, alongside celebrities and recognized for innovation & safety.



Jokes for kids lunchboxes from Ahimsa - Pediatrician-mom designed dishes for babies, toddlers and children, free of plastic, toxins, paint - no harmful chemicals and designed with your child's health in mind
Send a giggle with your little with lunchbox laughs from Ahimsa - Pediatrician-mom designed children's dishes free of plastic, paint and harmful chemicals

We aim to support children at every meal.

We've created these Lunchbox Laughs for happy eating at school. Send a joke or two with your kiddo, and they can share it with all their friends. Click below for 3 weeks of jokes for your little ones.


"When I’m a mom, I’m NEVER doing that with my kids!” If I had a dollar for every time I said that to my mom as a kid and did exactly what she did when I became a mother… Mom always made sure I ate and drank from stainless steel plates, flatware, and cups. I thought it was just an Indian thing (and it certainly is). But it’s one of the safest choices you can make for your children.

  • 1 min read
One of the most important things you can do with your kids is simply eating meals with them. Did you know that something as simple as frequently eating meals together contributes to many physical, emotional and developmental benefits for kids? As a Pediatrician, I designed every element of Ahimsa products and activities to make mealtime fun and engaging because well - mealtime is so important. This type of quality family time is priceless and, of course, like everything at Ahimsa, is backed by science. 
  • 4 min read

As a new entrepreneur, I had no idea what this journey would be like - all I knew was that it was a journey worth taking because it involved solving a significant problem that faced children’s health.This year has brought so many amazing things for our small business with a BIG mission.

  • 3 min read

What is (and particularly what isn’t) on children’s plates in the United States is prime evidence of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Right before the current health crisis hit, childhood food insecurity affected a staggering 15 million children. Without the consistency of school meals, as well as many households losing income, that number has grown to about 18 million.


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