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Ahimsa is based in Indianapolis, which is ranked worst in the nation for access to fresh foods, so even if resources are available, access to fresh food is not. The Patachou Foundation serves nutrient-dense meals that are made from scratch using local and fresh ingredients. Additionally, The Patachou Foundation teaches students how to make healthier choices through hands-on lessons that accompany these meals. Almost 80% of kids attending the schools that The Patachou Foundation serves live at or below poverty and are faced with daily food insecurity and hunger. 

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We are excited to announce our partnership with The Patachou Foundation! 1% of all sales will go to programs dedicated to serving healthy food and teaching healthy habits to children who need it the most.

You can also donate here directly or find a similar organization in your community to support.

Volunteering at a local food pantry is another way you can help in your hometown. Let's work together to eliminate childhood food insecurity. 

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