Put Down the Plastic, Pick Up the Steel

Put down the plastic, pick up the steel!

Did you know that only 9% of all the plastic waste generated in 2012 was recovered for recycling? However, approximately 90% of end-of-life stainless steel is collected and recycled into new products. An average stainless steel object is composed of about 60% recycled material. Stainless steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials - more than paper or glass. 

As parents, we all want our children to be healthy. But, as adults, it's important to recognize that a healthy planet is important for healthy kids. We only have one Earth and it's our job to protect it for the generations of kids ahead. Our children learn from us and are capable of understanding so much at even the youngest of ages! Set examples, have discussions and work together with your kids to be a team that champions sustainability efforts.

We know that using Ahimsa products at your dining table is just one of the many ways to decrease the plastic footprint on our planet. Click on the National Geographic KIDS VS PLASTIC certificate below for tips to reduce your plastic use. Your child can even pledge to be a planet protector and receive their very own Certificate of Heroism! Team Ahimsa earned ours by pledging to decrease our use of single use plastics. So, go on ... grab your superhero capes and join us. Cheers to a Happy, Healthy Planet!

Ahimsa planet protector certificate - stainless steel dinnerware

To see more of the staggering statistics surrounding plastic pollution, read GREENPEACE's "Key Facts About Plastic Pollution." It's a great breakdown of all the terrifying facts regarding plastic and its devastating effects on Earth. It also lists many links to the reference data. UN News also has an alarming breakdown of just how much plastic is polluting our ocean waters. More microplastic particles in the sea than stars in the Milky Way. 500 times more! That's scary.

To learn more about the sustainability of stainless steel visit the British Stainless Steel Association or The Steel Recycling Institute

To learn more about stainless steel and Ahimsa, visit our FAQs and to see our 100% metal product line, please see our Collections.


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