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Pediatrician Designed. Kid Approved. Parent Trusted.

Stainless steel dinnerware for kids. Free from harmful chemicals

Our goals are simple:

  • High Quality 304 18/8 Stainless Steel


  • Plastic-free products and packaging


  • Easy to clean and easy to plate healthy meals


Pediatrician designed. Kid approved.

 As a pediatrician, Manasa understood child behavior and development. She knew she had to excite kids at the dining table so she turned to science, combining chemistry and physics to change the color of metal itself!  No harmful chemicals or additives that would chip, peel or leach - creating the first and only colorful stainless steel dinnerware for children. Now kids across the country are in love - requesting only their Ahimsa dishes at meals and nudging their parents to fill up each compartment! Who knew kids could be so excited about dinnerware?!

Our aim is to help parents focus more on enjoying mealtime.

 We want parents to feel confident. With a vast sea of information on social media, blogs and websites - parenting can get complicated and overwhelming. Our products are designed by experts - by collaborating with pediatric subspecialist doctors, occupational therapists, registered dieticians and public health leaders, Manasa created a holistic approach to dinnerware. We've been trained in Pediatrics, we understand the research studies and we have real world experience with our patients (and our own children!). Our mission is to distill it down to simple, practical ways to encourage healthy habits. Our commitment to the health and safety of children is real ... we already do it for a living. Now, we're bringing all that knowledge and experience from the office straight to your kitchen!

Mother Earth’s Favorite Dinnerware.

 Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word for “avoiding harm.” It's the first oath Manasa took as a physician and now it's the oath of our company. Safer materials not only help children's health but also our planet. There is ZERO plastic from our products to our packaging (100% recyclable). Our coloring process does not generate toxic byproducts that go back into the environment. Our dishes rinse easily, limiting water use.

Steel is the most recycled material in the world. It is also durable and will last for generations reducing the number of items in your cabinets. Our products were intentionally designed to be versatile, growing with your child at each age and stage. Counterintuitive to a traditional business model, Ahimsa’s goal is to create products that will never need to be upgraded or replaced.