Choking Hazards for Toddlers | Choking Hazard Foods

Choking Hazards for Toddlers and Beyond

Read our choking hazard warning for common foods that might seem toddler-appropriate. View our list of top choking hazards for toddlers and how to stay safe.
family eating meal with stainless steel dishes

Enhancing Family Bonds: The Power of Mealtime Conversations

Mealtime is not just about nourishing our bodies; it's an opportunity to nourish our relationships and foster deeper connections within our families. When we make a conscious effort to engage in meaningful conversation during mealtime,...
Ways kids can help with chores this New Year

How Ahimsa Solves Top 3 Parenting New Year's Resolutions

One of the most important things you can do with your kids is simply eating meals with them. Did you know that something as simple as frequently eating meals together contributes to many physical, emotional...
Healthy, balanced, adventurous meals for kids

Introducing flavors across the world - the science behind raising an adventurous eater

Gustation. It’s a fun word right? It is the scientific term for “taste”. We know that there are 5 basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and unami (savory). We actually have receptors in our oral...
Perfect Children Play Space

How to Create the Perfect Play Space to Encourage Independent Play

As children grow, we as parents are forever rearranging and organizing their rooms and play areas. What is the best way that we can encourage our children to play and work independently? It’s important at...
The Food Journey Starting Solids

The Food Journey: Introducing Solids

And just like that your little bundle is six months old. Hopefully by now your baby is (eh-hem) sleeping through the night and you’re TOTALLY rested. Something like that, right? Honestly, I remember when people...
Can screen time damage children's eyes?

Can Screen Time Damage Kids' Eyes?

Screen Time Damage By: Dr. Rupa Wong As a pediatric ophthalmologist, this is one of the most common questions I get from the parents of my patients. Their kid is gaming 7 hours in a...
child refusing food

11 Ways to Get Your Picky Eater to Enjoy New Foods

Help Your Picky Eater Try New Foods By: Dr. Melissa Choi As a physician and second-time mom, I thought I had the feeding routine figured out.  Daughter #1 ate every pureed food as an infant,...
children's health, healthy habits

Top 5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids

By Cherie Chu, MD DipABLM: Take the time to teach your kids healthy habits now, and you will set them up for success for a lifetime of wellness. It may take a little extra work on...

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